Frank Enters the Business World (View PDF)

This is one of six posters that Jill put together for Frank’s memorial service. In this one, Frank gets started in his father’s store, Indiana Dry Goods, Gas City, Indiana.

A Fire, a Sale and a Warehouse (View PDF)

Frank learns how to take advantage of a disaster, showing the acumen that characterized his business life.

Frank Makes a Decision (View PDF)

He has the realization that in the future he doesn’t want to work for someone else, only himself.

The Girl Next Door (View PDF)

How Frank came to marry Nanette, the “little rascal next door”.

Our Job Was to Keep the Planes Flying (View PDF)

Frank’s service in World War II.

Chapter Two (Joyce) (View PDF)

Frank begins a happy second marriage in 1981.

Frank Maidenberg editorial tribute, Marion Chronicle-Tribune, April 23, 2012 (View PDF)

Marion Chronicle tribute to Frank after his death.

Frank Maidenberg obituary, Marion Chronicle-Tribune, April 23, 2012 (View PDF)

Frank’s obituary in the Marion Chronicle.

Milt and Irma 50th wedding anniversary tribute (View PDF)

This is booklet put together by Reed, full of wonderful photos and remembrances. Milt and Irma were married Feb. 19, 1939, in Indianapolis. The 50th was celebrated in 1989 at the Standard Club in Chicago.

Read also: Irma’s clever toast to Milt; Irma’s heartfelt letter to her children after the event.

That A-Frame Cabin Where We’d Go To Play, lyrics and melody by Reed, sung by Reed

Reed’s song about the A-frame was sung at Frank’s memorial. Jill to Reed:  “I believe you wrote this song in Bloomington in 2012. Dad had just died. Judy (Fitzgerald) and I were pulling together a memorial gathering. We had said we needed a song.  You sent this that same afternoon! We looked at each other and said, there is our song.”

Reed to Jill:  “I remember you telling me after I had sent the rough original version (with lyrics, that I had recorded into my cell phone at Roc and Barb’s) to your phone, you played it in the van on the drive down from Madison with Richie, Michael, and Zachary, and you were singing along! That made me happy.”

The remastered version of April 2021, sung by Reed.

The lyrics.

Tributes to Frank at memorial service of July 21, 2012 (View PDF)

Tributes to Frank from family and friends at the memorial service.

Jill’s Aug. 11, 2017 e-mail remembering her father and Warehouse City

The business had just been sold. Jill recalls her many visits, what they meant to her father, and what it revealed about him.

Maidenberg Real Estate’s announcement that it is going out of business, May 2018

The tribute recognizes Frank and the longtime manager of the company, Judy Fitzgerald

Ben Maidenburg obituary July 28, 1986 (View PDF)

Akron Beacon Journal page one obit on Ben. Ran three pages, plus an editorial.

Editorial tribute to Ben, Akron Beacon Journal (View PDF)

Editorial of praise for Ben the man, the journalist, and the community leader known as “Mr. Akron”

Marion Chronicle obit on Ben (View PDF)

The Marion obit mentions the 1970 bombing of Ben’s house in Akron, an incident not mentioned for some reason in the Beacon Journal obit.

Ben’s retirement announced 11-27-1975 (View PDF)

Story in the Akron Beacon Journal. Missing the “jump”. Ben stepping down Dec. 15, 1975

Appreciation of Ben on his retirement (View PDF)

Classic headline: “A roaring volcano with a heart of mush”

Appreciations of Ben by Al Fitzpatrick (View PDF)

Al Fitzpatrick was an African-American reporter at the Beacon Journal. These two reflections on Ben are telling, both of Ben’s working style and his generosity.

Wonderful appreciation of Ben by Jack Knight, 1971 (View PDF)

Transcript of a terrific speech by Knight entitled “The Ben Maidenburg I Know.” It recounts an exchange between Knight and Ben when Ben joined the Air Force. Why in hell did you do that? Knight asks. Ben’s reply: “If the Jews don’t help win this war, we will have no place to live and won’t deserve one either.” Knight concludes that Ben “has my affection, complete respect and enduring admiration”—high words indeed from a giant in the newspaper industry.

Letter from Ben to Jack Knight, 1971 (View PDF)

Chatty letter to the boss, in which Ben mentions more bomb threats, and that he would be poisoned if he went out to dinner. Ben also grouses about expenses.

A sweet 1999 remembrance of Ben (View PDF)

Written Dec. 24, 1999 by a Dave White, evidently for a collection of memories. White recollects bookies, “us Jewish boys” and Ben’s deterioriating health. He concludes: “What a great man.”

David Maidenberg’s death (1949), news story (View PDF)

Marion Chronicle page one story about David Maidenberg’s death. The “leadership” attribute is striking. He is identified with both Sinai Temple, the Reform congregation, and “the orthodox synagogue”. Sister Esther is still in Canada.

Mike’s tribute to Ben, August 10, 1986 (View PDF)

“Under the Influence of Uncle Ben” – Mike’s column in the Grand Forks Herald. Personal reflections on Ben and his meaning to Mike growing up.

Story in Beacon Journal about death of Rose (View PDF)

Ran March 24, 1969. Also an editorial tribute to “Mom”.

Frank 80th birthday tribute book, 1994 (View PDF)

Compiled by Tony, David and Jill in honor of their father’s 80th birthday in 1994. Great commentary, with many references to life in Marion. The book also contains lengthy excerpts of Frank’s oral history conducted in 1990. Similar excerpts appear in the displays set up at Frank’s memorial service.

Irma Maidenberg obituary, with links to artwork (View PDF)

The obit appeared in both the Marion and Indianapolis papers. At the end of the obit are links to Irma’s artwork, posted by both her granddaughter Johna and her son Reed.

Click here for Johna’s posting of Irma art       Click here for Reed’s gallery of Irma artwork

Irma Maidenberg’s death brought a flood of condolences from around the world. They are collected here.

As she was dying, her son Reed composed a beautiful poem which you can read here: “For Irma at the end of her days”

As she was dying and barely able to speak, her niece Jill asked Reed to read this note.  Her granddaughter-in-law Rhiana asked Reed to read this note.

Her grandson Dan called his grandmother when his son Avi was born on April 12. Irma was able to whisper to him, “One comes, one goes.”

A heartbreaking memoir entitled “Irma Maidenberg’s Last Months” can be viewed here.

A memorial celebration of Irma Maidenberg’s life was held in Marion on June 6, 2009. Prepared remarks by Toby, Mike and Johna can be viewed here, along with the poem “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep”, read by her grandchildren Emma Rose, Dan, Ted, Joe, David and Johna.

By and about Irma Valinet Maidenberg

Irma Valinet Maidenberg (1915-2009) was the wife of Milt, Line of David. As her obituary and tributes (see above) show, she was beloved for her flair, her personality and her artistic talents.  Read more.

Milt Maidenberg obit and eulogies (View PDF)

Obituaries that ran in the Marion and Indianapolis papers.  A touching eulogy was delivered by Rabbi Marianne Gevirtz.

Read also eulogies delivered by Toby, Mike, Reed, David, Joe, Ted and Dan.

Reed’s poem to his Dad, Father’s Day 1991 (View PDF)

A perceptive appreciation in rhyme: Goes mad over fruit in season–loses his reason, and more…

Milt Maidenberg editorial tribute (View PDF)

Editorial in the Marion paper keyed to the “Enemies List.”

B’nai Mitzvah of Nicki and Martin Rosenberg, May 12, 2012

The two children of Sveta and Dima decided—on their own—to have a joint Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah. In their speeches, and in remarks by their parents, can be seen the evolution of Jewish consciousness, emotionally and historically, as well as a commentary on America. Dima set the stage with a telling comment:

“…when we came to America we suddenly became ‘the Russians’, and not Jews, even though nobody in their clear mind would call us Russians back in Russia.”   Read more

Syl’s 80th Birthday Poster (Sylvia Rosen Greenberg)

Sue Greenberg: “I put this collage together for my mother’s 80th birthday, celebrated over the same weekend as my niece Anna Kern’s Bat Mitzvah, in May 2003. Without today’s multiple apps to crop, adjust, and scan, I went old school: glue-sticking original photos on poster board and schlepping it with me in a mailing tube from San Diego to a Knoxville, Tennessee, Kinko’s for printing. I disassembled the poster after she passed, but its digital life—and her beauty—remains.” See the poster here. See the poster with identifications here.


The Joyce files, a tribute in music, words and photos

These were collected by Reed, who wrote the song and recorded it.

There are notes on the song, memories from Mark and Kathryn, sheet music, lyrics, mp3 and high quality wav versions.

Joyce Malin Zuckerman Maidenberg: A Life in Three Chapters

This is the book put together by Mark, David and family in honor of Joyce’s 80th birthday in 2007.


Amnon Maidenberg’s obituary, translated, with notes of explanation

As I wrote in the introduction to this website, “In 1981, Amnon, Joseph’s brilliant, multilingual son, stepped into the role of chief correspondent, communicating regularly with Milt, Sylvia and several other family members.

“In 1990 I began an intense correspondence with him, seeking in my journalistic way (I had a long career in the newspaper business) to get dates, facts, stories. What happened to each of the five siblings who did not emigrate? Where are their families, and what do they do? What happened during World War II? What more do we know about Solomon and Perel?

“I traveled to Ukraine and Moldova in May, 1996, visiting the ancestral shtetl of Dzygivka, seeing the grave of David’s father Solomon, and meeting Amnon in person, along with other family members.”

Amnon and I continued a sporadic correspondence after I returned. When he died in 1999, an obituary in Russian was sent to me.


David Harris Maidenberg obituary, tribute by Sierra Club, remarks at Celebration of Life

David died on March 4, 2022. Here is his obituary, and a tribute from the Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club.

On April 3, a Celebration of Life for David was held in Indianapolis. Family and friends spoke movingly of him:

Pat Furlong, spouse, mother of Lisa and Dory

Daughter Lisa

Daughter Dory

Brother Tony

Sister Jill

Stepbrother Mark Zuckerman

Friend David “Dunes” Schwartz

Friend Lucinda deLorimier

Friend Annie Rasquin

David with the mug

Suzy Maidenburg Shoshan Obituary

Suzy’s wedding, story from the Akron Beacon Journal Nov. 24 1972


Ben Maidenburg Jr. and Vera Maidenburg obituaries

Ben and Vera lived in Chico, California, but their closest ties were to Westbrook Village, outside Phoenix

Ben’s obit

Vera’s obit