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JewishGen Ukraine Database

This will help locate key communities in Ukraine, including neighbors of Dzygivka.

JewishGen Ukraine Special Interest Group

The special interest group or SIG for researching Jewish genealogy in the region of the former Russian Empire gubernias now in the Ukraine

JewishGen Locality Page – Dzyhivka, Ukraine

Provides useful specifics on the historic shtetl,

Yad Vashem: The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names – Name Search for Maidenberg

There are about 200 listed. A glance shows the geographic concentration is in the former Podolia region of Ukraine, and in nearby Poland and Belarus. The name of Malkeh is not among the Maidenbergs. She is listed under her married name, Malkeh Balaban. Her stepson Shimon entered the name. Michael Thal, Jill’s son, came across the Maidenberg names at a display set up by Yad Vashem at Auschwitz in the summer of 2014.

Yad Vashem: The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names – Name Search for Balaban

This is the entry for Malkeh Maidenberg Balaban. Clicking on it yields more information, including the fact that it was submitted by Shimon Balaban. He put himself down as her son, but Shimon was in fact her stepson. For some reason her name appears twice.

Dzygivka, Ukraine – KehilaLinks page

The KehilaLinks coordinator is Mike Maidenberg. There is some information on this site that does not appear on

Routes to Roots Foundation (Miriam Weiner’s site)

This extensive website and database is an assemblage of the work of Miriam Weiner, an acclaimed pioneer in Jewish genealogical research. Weiner assisted Mike in his first ventures into Maidenberg family history. She visited Amnon before Mike met him, sending a report and photos. She arranged for Mike’s 1996 trip, providing the guide who discovered the tombstone of Solomon in the Dzygivka cemetery.

Marion, Indiana Jews

This informative site was constructed by the late David Maidenberg, son of Frank. The Sinai Temple section contains links to the history of Jews in Marion, in which Maidenbergs played a prominent role. There are also links to the B’nai B’rith Bulletins published during World War II. Milt Maidenberg edited these. They are pertinent and humorous. The Community section has priceless photos. The Resources and Information section has an excellent historic essay on Jews in Indiana.

In 1977 the Marion Chronicle-Tribune published a special section on the Jews of Marion, titled “Marion’s Chosen Few”.  The section gives useful background and history. But it is also elegy,  for community leaders even then could foresee the ebbing away of the Jewish population. Read “Marion’s Chosen Few”

I Went to Sinai Temple Religious School (Marion, IN) Facebook group

Photos, links and nostalgia contributed by 30+ former attendees.

Old Movies from mid 20th century part one, Marion, Indiana

These were assembled by Reed Maidenberg and shared in December, 2015. Here is his introduction:

This is a project I have been wanting to get around to…after I had our old home movies digitized we had a lot of footage that needed some culling, but had some splendid shots of family and Marion friends from the days of the vibrant Jewish community of the 30’s and forward. What an amazing group of people! And they seemed to really like each other as well! I remember so many of them so well, and with great affection.

The chronological order is only approximate. I didn’t have time to really sort that out.

Since these are movies from my family, we are represented quite prominently, but thanks to YouTube’s format, you can scroll through and sample different clips, some of which show a road trip to Florida, via some exotic southern climes. I have done a minimal amount of captioning, and placed music throughout, and tried to match some of the music with the content, but I did this fast in order to get it done. There is a part two that I am working on, with many childhood movies of Toby, Mike, and me, but always with other gatherings, many at the Third Street home of my Grandparents, Rose and David. Sometimes my grandfather Arthur Valinet shows up, and there were the family outings to “the farm” on 106th Street; and of course, the Lake Manitou and local state park picnics and walks. Some of those will be on Part Two as well.

The opening long party sequence is particularly interesting, and shows what a great, happy group of people were celebrating on this particular night, a New Years Eve party at the Spencer Hotel in Marion (from the canister label). Year? I’m sure somebody receiving this will know, or have a good idea. So many familiar faces!