The legendary varenikes that Grandma Rose made

I remember often visiting Grandma Maidenberg at her home in Marion, Indiana. On the steps down to the scary dark basement, she would keep jars of dill pickles, more precious than gold to her descendants. In her kitchen she would often prepare another favorite: varenikes. These were

Birth records of Joseph and Esther located, along with new information about Solomon

Details about how this came to be are in the essay under the Letters, Journals, Documents section of the Read, Watch Listen tab.

Family tree has grown by three

They are all in the line of David: Vivian Frank Swersky, Frannie Barbara Swersky, and Lev Maidenberg Stuart. They are now recorded in the family tree page

The Syl poster added to the site

“Syl” is Sylvia Rosen Greenberg, daughter of Esther. The poster was put together in 2003 by Sylvia’s daughter Susan in honor of her mother’s 80th birthday. It shows a beautiful woman over the years. Take a look.   The identifications of those on the poster are also

Sinai Temple shows: photos added, with identifications. Maidenberg men acting like little boys.

There are some wonderful photographs of the classic shows. Find them here. You need to scroll down. Also check out Tony Roskin’s memory of Milt, Ben. Frank and Meyer putting pennies on the track. You can find it at In the House of Scroll down.

Baba’s little game + the Sinai Temple shows of the 1950’s

Ellen Greenberg Kern adds a sweet memory of her Grandmother Esther to the “In the House of” section. She also recalled the Sinai Temple shows. Thanks to items on David Maidenberg’s Jews of Marion, Indiana, we have some photos and copies of the programs. They are collected

New branch coming to family tree

Nicole Rosenberg, daughter of Dima and Sveta, granddaughter of Fima, just got engaged to Gene (Gena, Gennadiy) Samarin.  Dima writes: “Gena is a great guy, we love him so much! They’ve been dating for almost 5 years now, and he has just proposed while on their trip

Joseph Meidenberg photo now on site

This photo was taken in Philadelphia, where Joseph arrived in 1900. There is a definite “Maidenberg” look to him, in the opinion of Mike. His kipa is reminiscent of the one worn by Solomon in the central photo on the website. Solomon and Joseph were brothers, by

The testimony of Ida Maidenberg Dekhtyar about her survival during the war is posted on the site

Ida, the sister of Amnon, provided the testimony in 1997, a year after Mike’s visit. It is a gripping narrative.

Check out the Moldy Barferino sticker

Joe Maidenberg saved this from 1100 Euclid. It’s a classic. Take a look here. Joe commented, “I am really glad I rescued it. It stands for a certain sense of humor that describes what being a Maidenberg is in a very perfect way.”