The less than affectionate Yiddish nicknames each of David Maidenberg’s four sons were known by

Frank recalled these in his oral interview.

You can see and hear Ben Vereen’s version of “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries”, an Irma Maidenberg favorite

Johna has posted a link in “In the House of”, along with her memory of watching it with her grandmother.

Graphic family tree of 2012 on website

You can find it here in the Trees section, along with a key. This is a delightful rendering of the descendants of David and Rosa Maidenberg. It’s out of date, but a new tree will soon be in the works.

Words and verse to live by – Sayings from the House of Milt and Irma posted

You can find them here.

Images of Joseph’s first letter to his American relatives have been posted

Find them in the photo gallery on the homepage.

Check out updated photo gallery for Line of Elkeh

Thanks to photos and information supplied by Michael Perov, grandson of Elkeh, son of Dora, there is a remarkable photo record with the Line of Elkeh.

“Thanks for the Memory video” posted

Find it here. It’s the video produced in 1992 in honor of Milt Maidenberg’s 80th birthday. Great shots of Milt and Irma, and the eerie Ghost Party segment.

More memories posted to In the House of: Tvinkis, Bizzaro, the “living hemorrhage” and a Moldy Barfarino

From Suzy Shoshan, Tony Roskin, one more from Jill, and adaptations of memories of Joe, Ted and Dan. Read them.

Wonderful memories added to In the House of

Vicki Maidenberg Pemberton, Jill Maidenberg, Toby Maidenberg Klebenov, and Mike Maidenberg have all contributed. Bazooka Bubble Gum, “Ed Solomon”, Passover, the covered mirror. Take a look.

New map posted to the site

Under the Maps section: It shows the presumed route westward of David and Rosa after the birth of Milt in 1912. In 1913, David has been recorded at Grant County’s courthouse. See also the essay in the FAQ section.